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Taste of Metal 


Exploration of the simplicity and joy of celebration on the example of a fictional migrant community, while the western world suffers in the search for joy.


Holiday food in the distance is simple and redundant, made up of accessible and inexpensive ingredients.  It is not limited by notions of veganism, sustainability, dietary preferences, or gastronomic horizons. It is an infantile act of consumption, filled with pure joy. An abundance of floury foods, sweets, sodas. All of these foods don't need to be cooked, they are already cooked. 


Understanding that the regulations of social rituals of migrant culture in real life are more complex and multifaceted, we have created a fantasy work offering through taste to come to an understanding of the Other, to experience its delight and euphoria from simple things. 


Consumption patterns in big cities are becoming more complicated: urban people want pleasure but have to think about status, environmental impact, health status. The other has no difficulty; he is extremely frank about his desires. And he can experience things that are inaccessible to us. The work of the Color of Metal offers a taste of this. 




Table 1.

Props: Lada 2107 hood/foil swans. 

Food: Flour section. 

- Samsa with loin / pumpkin / greens / chicken;

- Tandy flatbread.

- Pie with potatoes and cheese 

- Khachapuri with cheese 

- Zaatar/Sumah


Table 2

Props: front doors of Lada 2109


- Pickles/corn, olive oil, labneh cheese, saffron


Table 3

Props: rear doors of Lada 2109


- Girl's Cake, Prague, Mango Strawberry


Table 4

Props: rear doors of Lada 2109


- Gata with nuts. 

- Rakhat Lukum 


Table 5

Props: rear doors of Lada 2106


- Soda in cans (coca-cola, dr. Pepper, Monster)


Table 6


Props: rear doors of Lada 2106


- chocolate dried persimmon / dried salted persimmon 


Rosa Khutor, 2021

Title: Taste of Metal

Artist: Applied Ingredients

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