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Recursion (2021)


Three parts performance which is define recursion* term by gastronomic mediums. It was shown at the pre-opening of GES-2 and dedicated to processes of cycling in contemporary art.


The first part: sitting room

Dishes are laid out on the table in metal trays, in such a sequence that their elements reproduce each other, which forms the principle of recursion. The performer replaces the food trays, giving a dynamic aspect to the process. The structure of the performance is complemented by the implementation of branches and driftwood in the decor of the table.


The second part: the dining room. 

The young man collects dessert of three colors, taking out layers of marmalade from technical industrial pallets, slicing it and covering it with three types of sprinkles. 

- strawberries / sumac

- green apple / zaatar

- grapefruit / loomi 

This is a calm, mechanistic process that the audience watches throughout the evening. They can also taste sweets made from substandard pieces of marmalade. At the end of the event, thirty paper bags with dessert will be on the table, which you can take with you. 


The third part: the veranda  

Stroganina is served in the veranda area. A performer in a padded park cuts fish for guests. The fish is stored in technical boxes on ice. Pieces of fish are extremely simple units of food, it doesn't need any serving, it just repeats itself. 


Sitting room menu:


  • Tomatoes, tarragon, Yalta onion, blackberries, olive oil

  • Feijoa, cucumber, fig, chervil, olive oil

  • Red and yellow beetroot, purple radish, white raisins, mint

  • Celery root, lemon, smoked sturgeon, olive oil

  • Savoy cabbage, sockeye salmon

  • Ivasi, butter, celery, flowers

  • Red cabbage brussels sprouts, orange 

  • Leek, chestnut, orange, basil 

  • Tart with mallow, and caramelized shallots

  • Melon carpaccio with vanilla, pumpkin oil



Artist: Applied Ingredients

Title: Recursion

Format: installation/performance

Where: Pre-opening of GES-2, Moscow, Russia (2021)

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