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Present (2021)

"Present" was shown at the 6th Ural Industrial Biennale in 2021. It consists of six two-part compositions, each of which embodies the moment of the present at the ideological, visual and gastronomic levels. 

Six two-part gastronomic compositions are located on the second floor of the foyer of the Yekaterinburg Circus. Each spot consists of two objects. The first is a cone covered with edible plants. The second one table, where the performer serves the dish and passes it to the guests. The initial component of the dish is the product with which the adjacent cone is decorated, while it remains untouched. Components of the cone referring to the moment of the present: local herbs and berries collected in the neighborhood of Yekaterinburg, seasonal fruits and vegetables bought in the bazaars of the city.


The performer is dressed in a special suit made of polyethylene, which is now used not only in medical organizations, but also in public catering enterprises. It is designed to completely eliminate the possibility of any infection, and therefore is very common at the moment. However, in addition to practical benefits, it carries a negative train: it depersonalizes performers as a person who produces and serves food, makes them a mechanistic figure, a robot, deprives them of personality traits and empathy. This impenetrable transparency of the costume emphasizes the main theme of the Biennale“ "A Time to Embrace and to Refrain from Embracing." Food, which has always served as an equalizer of cultures, a social glue, a marker of the season and location, is served by people in sterile incubation clothes, grotesquely emphasizing the absurdity of the present moment.


Technical information:

  • Cone: disassembled red cabbage leaves randomly and densely covering the surface. Table: cabbage, farm sour cream, pike caviar, green onions. Serving: cabbage leaf + wooden spoon.

  • Cone: ears of corn, closed at the base of the cone, and opening to its top. Table: polenta with parmesan and cream, fresh corn, popcorn, Serving: pressed trays made of recycled paper materials, corn leaves, wooden fork.

  • Cone: figs, rose leaves. Table: figs, lettuce tatsoi, Yalta onion, honey, red basil, pink pepper. Serving: wooden veneer bowl, wooden fork.

  • Cone: branches of autumn berries of mountain ash and sea buckthorn. Table: live oysters, juice of autumn berries. Serving: oysters in the shell, with a drop of sea buckthorn or rowan juice and a wooden fork.

  • Cone: fresh dill flowers. Table: artisan bread, butter, salt, dill. Serving: pressed trays made of recycled paper materials.

  • Cone: citrus fruits (lemon, tangerine, lime). Table: meringue, white chocolate ganache, citrus gelato, pomelo. Serving: wooden veneer bowl, dessert spoon.


Artist: Applied Ingredients

Title: Present

Format: installation/performance

Where: Opening Event of the 6th Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art, Ekaterinburg, Russia (2021)

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