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Illusion of Abundance (2021) 


Work was presented at New Year Eve 2021. It represented an illusion of abundance of food in big cities. You think that you can get anything, but in fact you consume only the things demanded by the majority.

Dishes are laid out on the table, young greens ``move" around them, twisting, colliding and forming streams - tarragon, romano, kohlrabi, radish, etc. Greens, as the youngest and most nutritious vegetable, are a symbol of a new life. She embodies the dynamic and changeable nature of reality. This concept of fluidity is emphasized by the main dish - a giant sturgeon, whose spine relief resembles a gigantic prehistoric animal, and next to it a small fish- stick - sardines. The specialty of oriental cuisine - freekeh - also represents vitality and youth. It is made from green wheat, which is laid in sheaves on an open fire and all the excess husk burns, leaving the grains with only a smoked aroma. The accent is milk almonds and olive oil. Lychee pulp is mixed with red basil leaves. The cook cuts off a piece of fish, puts a spoon of freekeh on a plate, scoops molokhia and lychee with tongs. The guest takes his favorite greens with his hands.

Main table:

  • Sturgeon

  • Freekeh (green smoked wheat) with blanched almonds

  • Molokhia (Egyptian spinach)

  • Sardines

  • Lychee with red basil

  • Romanesco, romano, radish, spicy greens, Uzbek lemons, Azerbaijani tomatoes

Dessert table

  • Eclairs with vanilla cream and silver leaf

  • Escaban cake: almond flour sponge cake, sabered rose petals, raspberry cream, raspberry ganache

  • cupcakes


Artist: Applied Ingredients

Title: Illusion of Abundance

Format: installation/performance

Where: Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building, Moscow, Russia (2021)

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