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Hospitality means surviving (2020)


The event took place at Heenat Salma Organic Farm - part of Caravane.Earth project - a foundation that promotes social, cultural, and ecological transformation in Qatar. This dinner was dedicated to instinctively cooking, reflecting the rapidly changing world and farm-to-table products.

To prepare the dinner, only those products that symbolized the connection with the local context were used. Most of them were found on an organic farm located on the territory of the residence. We found coriander flowers here, with which we prepared broccoli tart: nasturtium formed the basis of salad with fresh coriander seeds, then followed carpaccio from root vegetables, and the threads covering the trunks of date palms gave the idea for serving dessert - when burning, they exude a delicate aroma of the wood. We pickled watermelon in seawater from the Persian Gulf, and the dining table itself was a kind of dish. Dinner was held in the middle of the Qatari desert.


"The next thing worth noting (and what all the guests of the Arab nations note) is the hospitality of the Qataris. This tradition goes back to the days when the Bedouins helped any traveler in the face of the harsh desert without even asking for a name. Otherwise, it was simply impossible to survive. In modern urban conditions, it works like this: the reception of guests is accompanied by an emphatic generosity, which equally applies to strangers who looked at the "light", neighbors from the street, or anyone who came to chat without prior notice


1. Salad with nasturtium, coriander seeds, and basil.

2. Chard with labneh cheese, mint, and pomegranate molasses.

3. Baked fennel with arugula and grapefruit.

4. Turnip, kohlrabi, cucumber, and radish carpaccio with pea flowers.

5. Saffron cream yolk with sardine butter.

6. Cauliflower risotto with black lime, pistachio, and broccoli flowers.

7. Watermelon in seawater with Lumi and blue blossoms.

8. Broccoli in rose and cardamom syrup on dacquoise. with pomegranate flower


Artist: Applied Ingredients

Title: Hospitality means surviving

Format: installation/performance

Where: Caravan.Earth residency, Qatar (2021)

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