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Richter (2018-2020)

Richter is a 5* Design Hotels member hosting an art gallery, print shop, herb garden, a library, and a restaurant under AI managed (2018-2020).  


Immersed in the aesthetic of a XIX century mansion where renovations were just being completed, we defined the space as a “noble outsider”. Compared to luxury hotel chains like Four Seasons, Richter was a small art gallery in the world of big museums. Richter’s menu, however, was not the underground voice that despised the mainstream, but an embodiment of an infinite number of small forms and shades of urban life. Instead of posh and expensive dishes which are typically served in places like 5* hotels restaurants, we offer our guests a vegan menu. It looked a bit extravagant especially for post-Soviet Union society which is used to consuming luxury products based on meat and caviar. 


We didn’t train the team of restaurant classically. For us, it was more important to let them express themselves rather than hold norms of services. Their energy and freedom was key ingredient of space ambiance. We did a lot of art dinners and performances with their help. 


The restaurant opened with excellent reviews and quickly became a hub for all things design in Moscow. Ivan described his formula at the request for the UK media Calvert Journal.

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